Check out this video from Peter Rollins. It’s a great opportunity to hear a postmodern philosopher actually talk ‘postmodernly’. He is the leader of an emerging community in Ireland called Ikon. I’ve read all his books, and his thinking challenges me. As you watch, I wonder which person you’d be more comfortable imagining yourself as: the interviewer, or Peter. Ask yourself that question, then think about why you’d answer it that way.

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The interviewer seems somewhat uncomfortable with Peter’s thinking. Peter is trying to talk about Christianity faithfully, but in a different way than it is usually described–in other words, Peter is uncomfortable talking about Christianity the way the interviewer wants him to. What’s going on here? Is Peter wrong? Does the interviewer not “get it”?

If you like what Peter is saying, check out some of his other stuff. He blogs here. Or you can read How (Not) to Speak about God, The Fidelity of Betrayal, or The Orthodox Heretic.