A Season of Fire

originally posted at www.re-yourlife.com

 Summer is the time of year when everything seems to slow down. Strange as it may seem, when things at the molecular level are moving faster (which is a good definition of being “hot”), life at the bodily level moves slower. It seems that as we heat up, we slow down. Summer is the season of vacations, breaks from the monotony of life, retreats from the busyness of the daily grind.

 I come from Michigan and from Memorial Day to Labor Day, people are perpetually going up north. Everyone has a cabin on the lake somewhere, and if they don’t they’re pulling a boat or a trailer to camp somewhere for the weekend. Now I live in St. Louis, where we are perpetually trying to stay cool in the midst of 90 degree temperatures and a jungle like humidity that rests over the area for 3-4 months. In Arizona, people stay inside all day during the summer just to keep from being burned by the sun, not to mention to hide from the triple-digit temperatures. The season of fire finds us keeping a low profile.

 Ironically, the season of fire brings with it a calling that is opposite of our habits. While we’re getting ready to take a break, God is calling us to embody a fiery existence. For the season of fire is about more than merely beating the heat. Every year when summer arrives, we also celebrate the arrival of someone very special. Summer begins with the season of Pentecost, a season of fire. When the Holy Spirit arrived in power, His arrival was marked by fire.

 Pentecost is a season that celebrates the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It’s a season that often goes by without anyone noticing. But the celebration of Pentecost is a vital part of our Christian lives. We remember the presence of the Spirit, whom Christ promised would be with us. The Spirit reminds us of the hope we have in Christ – hope for forgiveness, for transforming our world, for life with God forever. The Spirit is the one who equips us to share the message of Christ with our world – He’s the one who is writing the story of our lives, making His marks in fiery moments, giving us a story to share with others. The Spirit is the one who works in the world to bring others to Christ, transforming the hearts of your family, friends and neighbors as you pray for them and share His Story in your story.

 The Season of Fire brings with it a calling to action. Our celebration compels us persevere in our faith and to bring the message of Christ to the world. That’s not something we’re used to thinking about when summer comes around. We’re usually busy making plans of how great our vacation is going to be or which new novel we’ll be reading. Probably not many of us are thinking about how we can grow in our faith over the summer, or who we can develop a solid relationship with, loving a person as Jesus would, with the hope of being able to share Christ with them.

 Although the season of fire might be hot, it isn’t a time for us to take a vacation from our faith. In fact, just the opposite is true. When life slows down for the summer, the wind of Spirit begins to blow, and His wind is one of opportunity. Maybe it’s time we Re-Think the season of Pentecost. Let this season of fire be less about the heat, and more about the Spirit who has come to rest upon you like a flame, burning for the world to see.